bamboo spandex flats (60*60cm) 5 months to 1.5 yrs

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Bamboo spandex  its 60*60cm free sizes weight 5kg to 10kg

Its  a natural fabric  from the bamboo pulp is now capable of creating bamboo fiber which can be used to make yarn and fabric. 

bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass it separates into thin thread of fiber.

100%bamboo cotton  310 GSM 

This fleece stretches approximately 5%

It is great for baby diapers absorbs more compare to other fabric

This fabric do not produce harmful chemicals or environmental pollutions.

being a great absorbent it is also an excellent fabric for cloth diapers,wipes,nurse pad,nappies,soakers .fleece between skin and the soakers always  allows moisture to pass through  but not come is quickly grabbing the moisture and hold a lot reducing the number of diapers  changes during a day.

bamboo fleece fabric is also a breathable  and is very comfortable for your baby even when is wet.


Its a piece of natural fabric in certain dimension (60 cm*60 cm)for 5 months to 1.5 yr

toddler size(70 cm*70 cm)6 months to 5 yrs(weight 6 kg to17kg)

pad fold fabric into cover diaper or pocket diaper or use it as some fancy folds like origami fold,pick man fold,jo fold. 

*quick dry only 3 to 4 hrs

*wash routine was simple

*no leaks

*no stink issue

*no build up

*very trim

*few pieces is enough

*no hard water issues

*can be use as booster with all in one diaper


Just fold like a shape of an inserts.A pad folded flats can be used just like an insert along with pocket or cover diaper 

either directly place pad fold over the shell or just stuff inside a pocket diaper

please make sure its not a fixed or proper dimension 

it varys  from babies pattern of pees,so we can increase the layers.


Antibacterial :keep you odour free and feeling smell fresh.

Highly sweat absorbent  (pulls moisture from skin for evaporation - moisture wicking)-keeps you dry.


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