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Bum2bum's elegant diaper and insert wears are made as soothing as possible for extraordinary comfort of the baby. And so we are required to take special care of the wearable.

All bum2bum baby products are washable and reusable. 

Newborn diaper

The newborn diaper is used for baby’s from 0-3 months old

It can be used for baby’s of 3kg to 5kg

All types of rising settings available for os cover diaper

Lower size setting

Medium size setting

The cover diaper has front and back flap cover the whole hip to bum part of the baby

The outer layer of the cover layer has PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)

The diaper has Velcro Flaps for easy and comfort padding up for infants.

Newborn diaper inserts

The insert has two layer

One is made up of 3 layer microfiber and 1 layer microsuede dry feel layer

Another layer has 3 layer bamboo cotton and 1 layer microsuede dry feel layer

The inserts have snap buttons for better fixation

Inserts can be used for 3 hours after the baby urinates.


Step1: always wash the diaper atleast once use little amount of detergent and rinse it well and it takes one day time to dry

Step 2: once diaper is ready to wear your baby before that change the rise setting according to baby weight and size and front tab snap button corretly placed to ur baby.

Step3:check whether any gap is there around baby thigh.if loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies.

Step4:if insert is bigger for babies just to fold the inserts on front side r back sides.overall fit must be good.

Step5:according to baby age and weight the snap button we have to adjust so it correctly fix to baby bum

How to wash?

The delicate materials used in the diaper and insert products have special ways for washing


Initially rinse the diaper or insert  in running water 

Soak the diaper/insert in 1 teaspoon detergent powder (recommended once) and sufficient water for 30 minutes.

Prewash to be done before main wash,Squeeze well and agitate properly, do not use washing brush or hard scrubbers. Usage of brushes damaged the diaper linings. 

After half an hour mainwash to be done by add 2 teaspoon detergent and add enough water agitate well,each insert and diaper wash it  and squeeze the diaper well and followed  drain off the detergent water.

Repeat the process 3 times for rinse  and dry the diapers using line dry,hang them for drying for 4 hours in sunlight and then in shade.

Washing to be done atleast daily or 2 days once.


1.If baby pees in insert or diaper no need to wash it before laundry keep all dirty diaper in wet bag.

2.If baby poops on insert or diaper as soon as remove the diaper from baby bum and knock of the poops using jet spray or flush it and rinse them and hang the insert in bathroom or balcony or bucket to store diaper before washing.


For Machine wash, Initially rinse in running water. And use mild detergent powder to wash the diaper. 

Prewash Set the wash to a quick wash (for 1 diaper 2 inserts) add 1 teaspoon detergent and followed by main wash

In main wash we can add 2 teaspoon detergent (for 1 diaper 2 inserts)  and followed by 3 rinse and dry  but check prewash to be done proper , the diaper should be washed only with the baby’s clothes.  


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