pinkucake bum free size diaper(3 months to 3 years)

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The diaper has snap to increase or decrease size to fits on baby between 5 to 17 kg of weight from baby 3 months to 3 years.


  • The insert has two layer

    • One is made up of 3 layer microfiber and 1 layer microsuede dry feel layer

    • Another layer has 3 layer bamboo cotton and 1 layer microsuede dry feel layer

    • Top layer micro seude only touches the baby skin it has dry feel layer

  • The inserts have snap buttons for better fixation

  • Inserts can be used for 3 hours after the baby urinates.

  • Every 3 hours once insert alone remove it and just wipe  the diaper and change new insert

  • It wont get wet we continuously change the insert  according to babies pees,so diaper become dry if once insert  become full it comes out and feel outer ayer wet

  • If baby pass pees on the insert it keeps baby bum dry always don't even feel the wetness

  • Baby are very comfortable they can feel dry all time

  • Atleast daily once change the diaper for hygienic  purpose


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