About us


From the query reply to the service providing, we seek creativity in all the corners. creativity may not be un attainable completely, but we are chasing it to go close enough.


All the people on our floor are very much passionate about what they are doing. We love problem and we love experimenting with new things to provide please to our clients


All our packages are made with cost-effectiveness as a primary concern so that every class of customer choose us without any hesitation.


In the winter of 2017, As we searched for parenting for our baby diapers and warmers to keep our child warm in that season. Then we have decided ourself to manufacture the warm and parenting products for the kids and babies. S, first we have started our business with the making of rompers for babies in our own brand MFS FASHIONS.

As for as diapering is concerned we planned with normal cotton clothes to make an diapers which is free from chemicals and other preservatives. Later we found a PUL material is best solution diapers. So we have created a our own brand as BUM2BUM for diapers, And we launched our own brand diapers in the year 2018.

We have launched with New Born Diaper, Cover diapers which is preferable can be used in day time and with All in one diapers which is prefer for night time and outing diapers. And in the inserts we have comes with bamboo cotton and Hemp Cotton along with the microfleece layer. We also comes with Training pants for the baby age of above 2 yrs which helps us to practice the baby for loo by their own. It can also called as potty training pants.
As for now we awaiting to launch our pocket diapers in the month of August 2019.

In the upcoming years MFS FASHIONS is planning and we in the process of launching more baby care products from the natural things which is free from chemicals and harming agents to all our babies of MFS Fashions and BUM2BUM.

Moreover we are in the plan to launch our manufacturing unit in our country itself which will highly help to serve more parents at an more affordable price.


Put Customer First


Every business in the world is for people, customers. So we focus on the customer need on every act.

Think whats next


Whether its communication with clients, planning, service customers providing or just send an email to clients. We always keep thinking of what is the next better way to do it.

Its ours


Every business in the world is for people, customers. So we focus on the customer need on every act.


V about Vision

In pursuit of continuously enhancing value to our clients, for their competitive advantage.

M about mission

Attainment of a high level of transparency, accountability, and equity with the ultimate objective of providing a maximum level of customer satisfaction & increasing long term shareholders value keeping in view the needs and interest of all stakeholders.